Handing you a Straight Red!

The end of Bayern Central did not mean the end of writing for two of its members. Michel Munger and Juan Pablo González are launching Straight Red. The site will focus on commentary on the beautiful game from an FC Bayern and German national team perspective.

This new site is a personal space to discuss hot topics without the volume expectations that we created when we ran the Bayern Central blog for seven years. Look for a first article later today.

Straight Red stands for two things. The first is straight talk. Our approach can be summed up as “No BBC”.

No Banter;

No Bullshit;

No Clickbait.

Our mission statement is to deliver thoughtful commentary without compromises on quality.

Second, we are Red through and through. Juan Pablo and I are staunch Bayern fans who like our club because of its vision and approach. We will have things to say about FCB’s development and performances. Naturally, as Bayern fans, our interest in football extends to the German national team.

Here is a word of warning for those who followed Bayern Central regularly. Straight Red is not a reboot under a different name and design. It is a different beast. We will not chain ourselves to news and match coverage we have done in the past.

However, we will deliver thoughtful commentary when the inspiration comes. It means that we are not setting a pace in advance, and we hope that you will enjoy the content.

Furthermore, we will treat Straight Red as our walled garden. Juan Pablo and I do not plan on recruiting writers and building a team to deliver volume. This venture is a hobby for the two of us. We still feel like writing about football, but not like managing the beast we previous had.

With all of this in mind, we genuinely hope that Straight Red will find the right audience, no matter how big or small it will be. We believe that football sites and social media offer too much clickbait, but not enough reflection. Bringing you satisfying reads is our sole objective.