Throw-in: Bayern’s dominance and others’ lack of mentality

We are experimenting with the “throw-in”, a short editorial format to express a thought or two quickly. We hope you like it.


Seven Bundesliga titles in a row. Seven points ahead of Dortmund with six matches to go in 2019-20. Are FC Bayern unfairly crushing the competition at home?

You only need to watch a sports show or head to social media to hear that FC Bayern’s dominance in Germany is troublesome. Even Borussia Dortmund have been unable to win the rivalry’s matches in recent years.

The excuses are old enough to be covered with wrinkles: the Munich powerhouse has more money than the competition, with the ability to buy players from the rest of the league. The 50+1 rule of fan ownership prevents companies and billionaires from bolstering clubs.


Set up for failure

Bundesliga sides have two problems which ultimately lead them to fail consistently.

First, the winning mentality isn’t there. What is branded as Mia San Mia (we are who we are) in Munich is sorely missing elsewhere. How often do you see German sides giving FCB a run for its money or showing guts in the Champions League? Second, quality management and stability are often problems among top-flight German clubs.

Perhaps they should rip a few pages from the Bavarian playbook. A strong generation of former players with a succession plan built this club into a powerhouse from the late 1970s and early 1980s. The team’s success is the result of long-term building work and a “never say die” attitude.

Instead of firing shots at FC Bayern, people should look to find inspiration in the model. That would be far more productive for German football since not everyone is willing to pull off an RB Leipzig by making a club its corporate playtoy.

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Are you the guys who write about throw-ins? I can’t seem to find the article.


Total agreement…it’s demonstrated that Germany is well organized and knows where to utilize it’s resources from the covid situation…time for other Bundesliga clubs to adopt these principles like Bayern and step up to the plate instead of constantly whining…to think that huge, rich, cities like Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt can’t really present fantastic teams like shitfests like Madrid, Barcelona and Liverpool can…. yes I get the TV money but…