About us

Straight Red is a weblog founded in 2018, dedicated to commentary about FC Bayern München and the German national football team.

Due to a different approach, this is the successor of Bayern Central, where we used to publish every day.

Our focus is discussing and analysing the news with fair but also hard-hitting editorials regarding both teams while minimising the level of partisanship and bias. We seek readers who are looking for content without nonsense or clickbait.

Please note that we are not looking to add writers to the site.


Michel Munger
Michel Munger is an observer of FC Bayern München and the German national team who founded and ran the Bayern Central blog from 2011 to 2018. Journalist for 15+ years, and now internal communications editor at a large German company. Cyclist, beer and coffee snob.

Juan Pablo Gonzalez
Juan Pablo González has worked as a writer and editor at Bayern Central from 2012 to 2018. Part-time musician, journalist, writer and graphic design enthusiast.